The Chairman's Brew uses a particular variety of bean from the Simao region. The Yunnan arabica coffee is similar to Colombian, but is different from other coffees for it's mild body, fruit flavour and strong aroma. The Simao region borders on Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Coffee is grown at an average altitude of 1,200m in the hills of the Guizhou Plateau on either side of the Lankang-Jiang river, a tributary of the Mekong. The ethnic minorites inhabiting this area include the Lahu, Wa, Aka, Dai, Yi, and Jinuo tribes. The climate is mild and temperate, earning it the name, 'The City of Spring'. The coffee grows in perfect harmony with the primary and secondary forest vegetation, creating a series of eco-systems that have no need of anti-cryptogams or weed killers; it is processed ecologically and organically.
A Brief History to Coffee From Yunnan

Located in the southwest of China, the Yunnan plateau is called the kingdom of plants due to it's particular geography. Yunnan is known worldwide as a tea producing area and the only Arabica coffee-producing province in China.

The coffee story in China began in the early 19th century when a French missionary brought coffee seedlings to a place known as Zhukula in Bichuan county, Yunnan province. About 3.3 acres of coffee were planted then and about 20 of those trees still exist today. These were the earliest coffee trees planted in China. Today coffee plantations in Yunnan have increased to over 20,000 hectares. Most of which is consumed domestically but a small portion is exported.


Yunnan province has a total population of over 36 million and is made up of 36 minority nationalities. From south to north, the altitude changes from 500m to 2,800m. Yunnan enjoys a subtropical zone in the south and southwest where it is adjacent with Vietnam, Burma and Thailand. Driving from south to north, one can experience both a summer and winter climate.

Ideal areas for coffee growing are in Simao, Banna, Wen Shan and De Hong, where they enjoy;

  • Altitude: 900m-2,000m
  • Topography: mountains and ranges
  • Soil: rich mountainous red soil
  • Sunshine: abundant
  • Rainfall: 1,200-1,500mm
  • Temperature: very big difference between daytime and nighttime
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